Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Public Media 08 podcast

Wow, just found this podcast of a workshop I spoke at for NPR on how mainstream media is monetizing their radio sites. Too bad KLSX The FM Talk station is DEAD!
oh well...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moving on...

Ok, so I realize I started talking about clouds and got off on a tangent about lint, that was a little bizarre. Back to while my father was taking flying lessons he had to learn the names of all the clouds. While driving in the car, for what seemed like months, he would point to the sky and ask us, "what kind of clouds are those?" We would answer and he would correct us. My father was a man of few words and fewer interests, so this interest in clouds left quite an impression on me. It is one of the few things I remember enjoying with him. Strange, huh?Anyway, one day while trying to think of a name for my business, I was driving on the streets of Los Angeles, a particularly post rainy day, with of course, you guessed it, beautiful Cumulus Clouds in the sky.Well, need I say more? My new business name is The Cumulus Group.I love it because it is all encompassing. Things are always changing, you must be flexible and move in the direction life and business takes you. I've always been optimistic and there is that "Silver Lining" thing with clouds.
I am obsessed with Clouds. When I was young, about 12, my father started taking flying lessons. It was a very exotic hobby for a blue collar worker to take up. My father fixed washing machines and dryers and had a laundry mat with a dry cleaners in it. My Grandmother worked the dry cleaning counter and my dad fixed the machines in the basement of the laundrymat. The business was located in Hollywood and we lived in the San Fernando Valley. When we were lucky, our father would take us into "town" with him on a Saturday morning and we were put in charge of cleaning the lint out of the dryers. We loved it, opeining up the oversized lint filters and carefully pulling a blanket of lint, all the while careful to keep it in one piece. This this we earned about 50 cents, which we promptly took, and walked down Hollywood Blvd to see what movies were playing. This was in the early 60's and two young kids walking on Hollywood Blvd. were perfectly safe. Hard to believe now.
April 10, 2009 6:34 PM